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Bar ALE poultry feeds are formulated to supply the optimal nutrients and vitamins your flock requires.

Quality Ingredients: At Bar ALE, we understand the importance of quality, optimum nutrition in our animal's life, but we don't stop there. We consider the source and quality of our ingredients to ensure the highest level of consistency, quality, and potency in every bag.

Proven Formulations: We know that great ingredients are not enough. For over 50 years, we have been passionate about developing formulations that would keep your animals in optimum shape, while keeping them coming back for more.

Consistent Manufacturing: We work with some of the best vendors in the industry to ensure that our products provide you with the consistency you need, and the quality you deserve. We carefully sample all of our products regularly to ensure specific standards are met. We are passionate about improving not only our formulations, but the manufacturing of our feed to deliver better results, every time.

All of our poultry feeds are formulated with decades of experience to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. All of our poultry products contain:

  • All-Natural Vegetable Protein: Our poultry products are free of all animal proteins and fats, and contain only natural plant proteins. This ensures that your birds are kept in optimal health and performance.
  • Superior Nutrition: We use only the highest quality ingredients in our poultry feeds, and avoid fiber by-products and cheap fillers. Quality proteins are digested and absorbed more efficiently, potentially reducing your feeding costs.
  • Essential Amino Acids: We guarantee a balanced amino acid profile to ensure proper growth, optimal performance, and overall health.
  • Complete Formulations: Our poultry feeds are formulated with complete nutrition in mind. We provide a nutritious, vegetarian diet that needs no supplementation.
  • Marigold Extract: We use high levels of xanthophyll, a natural coloring agent derived from marigolds, for brightly-colored beaks, shanks, and yolk color.
  • Alltech Bioplex® Organic chelated minerals for optimum health. Go to for more information about Alltech's poultry nutrition.
  • Lacto-mos®: Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms to maintain a healthy digestive activity. 
  • Apex® Botanicals: Our Certified organic poultry feeds contain Dry Apex® Poultry a blend of specific plant extracts formulated to encourage feed intake and improve performance in poultry by boosting digestion, preventing oxidative damage to the intestine and ensuring a healthy microbiota. Mixed botanical extracts derived from anise, garlic, horseradish, juniper berry, thyme and cayenne pepper.

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